Holly Williams“I was on tour the entire time I was pregnant, so she heard the same songs every night,” country star Holly Williams says of performing while expecting daughter Stella, her first, with husband Chris Coleman, 35. Now 9 months old, the little one already has a keen ear: “She has a ball at sound check — we get her on the drums!” The Nashville-based mom, 34, also proprietor of the high-end boutique H. Audrey and the rustic-chic White’s Mercantile, shares a few notes with Us.
Q: Does Stella like your music?
Two weeks ago, I was recording a demo in the house. There were five of us sitting around playing. We looked over and were like, “Oh, my God! Look at her rhythm, bobbing her head up and down!” I was literally crying laughing.
Q: Is she talking yet?
She started a few little words — dada, dada. I’m training her in dada. I really want that to be her first word.
Q: Do you love to dress her up?
We’ve had fun, but I don’t want to spend much when she’s going to grow out of it in a month. This baby is giant!
Q: Are you thinking of more kids?
I’m kind of oldish at 34, but I dream of at least three. Everyone is probably laughing at me because I don’t even have a 1-year-old yet, but I’m trying. We’re ready for a full house.

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