Dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is some new pajamas. You see, my mommy gets overwhelmed with laundry and sometimes puts me in flannel dress gowns with the Frozen movie characters on them, they belong to my sissies. Or she gets overwhelmed packing for us all and forgets my pj’s altogether. Here I am standing in a cabin wishing again. This happens more than I would like. Please give her the strength to help her finish more laundry on time, and please bring me at least 4 pairs so I don’t keep wearing gowns to bed. I hope my school buddies don’t see this picture. This gown is kind of cozy though. Also, I want a remote control monster truck more than anything in the whole wide world this year! I’m trying to stop saying “Stupid sissies” every time they steal my toys so I can inch over to the nice list. And please, extra triple please bring me a baby puppy in my stocking. 

Love, Arlo

holly williams journal

Dear Santa, help…

December 21, 2020