5 years ago today. Katie was bursting with light on her wedding day! Stella and Beau spent the morning running around the lawn while the tents were setting up. Hilary, on far left, was recording her incredible album. Sam, my little brother, was starting to hone his stunning songwriting skills and perform around Nashville, Mary and Dad were living the small town Paris, TN farm life around his concert schedules. Katie was such a hard working mama as an occupational therapist bringing so much love and concern to her patients. She truly illuminated their hearts. I was scrambling to get the new Franklin, TN location of White’s opened between shows, and Lillie Mae, on the way, was making my dress tight. Chris was traveling the world playing guitar for the Kings of Leon. We were all in a beautiful blossoming time in this picture for different reasons. There are secrets embedded in this picture, dark and hollow ones, as there always are in a group shot behind the smiles, BUT love was in full bloom that day. We all were so happy for Katie and Tyler. And on many more days, when we all came together no matter what to join in harmony and laughter and celebration.

I miss that beautiful and uncomplicated day terribly. I’m so grateful we had it. I’m so grateful she rushed into marriage (I told her she was too young) and rushed into having 2 babies (I told her to wait a bit and enjoy life more). I’m so glad she lived to the fullest and ignored her big sister. We never have any idea how our weeks are numbered.

Everyone is doing ok, her kids are truly awesome right now. Thank you all for continued prayers for my daddy and stepmother Mary, for her husband Tyler, for his parents who have taken he and the children into their home, and for my little brother Sam. We’re all finding our way through each day and week in the midst of the emptiness without her, but God is good and he has met us in the darkest places of our struggles. I find peace when least expected. I’m so thankful to him that she went instantly with zero suffering, and for the miracle that her husband not only survived but is completely healthy. What a beautiful memory this was. I love and miss you everyday baby girl ❤️

xo holly

holly williams journal

Her wedding day

December 3, 2020