The incredible thing about living at 30A (the Florida panhandle) in this season happens to be that most of Nashville visits here constantly. We get to see a lots of our friends and people from back home which is essential. Keaton, my to die for regional manager of White’s Mercantile, is on a family trip this week so we showed up Friday night for sunset views & baby squeezes, check out the glow dancing boomerang below! Stella and Lillie were in absolute heaven. The week leading up was focused on holiday orders (I’m super excited to get in these Red Ryder BB guns (, Christmas Story anyone?), but I took an afternoon off when the girls managed to dress up in princess gowns and gorge on fondue for the first time. Lillie Mae was sooooo excited! On Tuesday Chris and I took a day trip to the indescribably charming small town of THOMASVILLE, GEORGIA ( to check out a few things. I found these quail and bird dog smoking shoes (I’m wearing them below) and they are my new obsession!!!! I was thankful for my giant feet in that moment since they only came in men’s sizes haha. Total score (100 emoticon) We ate at the 2 best restaurants in town, and I’m talking about legit food with a capital L. Scratch made, local, and James Beard chef level. Sweet Grass dairy ( for lunch, then super dark and cozy Liam’s ( for dinner, in the back booth with the velvet striped cushions. Spot on. Katie’s birthday was Wednesday, it was a brutal day to get through. More on that here Last Saturday would have been she and Tyler’s 5 year anniversary, then the birthday right after that made it a seriously challenging few days of heartache. I’m so thankful for the sweet prayers of so many for our family. Also this week, I discovered THIS ( book that I can’t wait to get my hands on! It’s called “How to stop losing your s*** with your kids”, I’ll take one copy for every room in the house please and thanks. Headed to bed, just started the forever stunning “Crawling Back to You” ( by Tom Petty in the headphones. Nothing better…

xo holly
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A Week in the Life – Oct. 25

November 1, 2020