Momma reading to the babies on Monday when we had to slumber there due to lost power. Today I got to soak in lots of time with Mom, the children loved it. I was deeply, deeply thankful all day and fully realize what a gift this is, the gift of time. Some of you are basking in the beauty and joy of your first Mother’s Day or getting showered with love and affection from older children. Some of you can barely breathe mourning your mothers, or your children, and some are pleading for pregnancy. Some of you are running the ship as a single mother today, some have loving husbands in peaceful homes, and others are walking through the deep dark waters of a struggling marriage. Through all of our intricately different stories, one truth remains. A mother’s job is, and will always remain THE most important in the world. We choose kindness or bitterness, empathy or judgment, boundaries or lack of self worth, to be defined by our pain or to be defined by our strength. We choose to spread light or darkness in the world, depending on the state of our hearts. Our babies are watching, listening, mimicking, noticing, always. What a crushing weight of responsibility on us, to show up for them the way we need to.

I was one of the lucky ones, my mom instilled deep value & love. Even through her darkest times, she never showed her struggle. She is selfless, with deep rooted faith, that God can and will redeem broken hearts of all kinds, and instill eventual peace in the face of outcomes that were never desired. The other night Stella actually told me that “Lulu needed to call Jesus and pray for my boo boo instead of you Mommy”, it reminded me how all of us feel so protected when her fervent prayers are on our side. Thank you Mom for the woman you are, for not letting the single mom role take you down, for pressing forward in intention and joy through it all. And thank you for letting us love our daddy so much, in the face of your hurt. You created harmony instead of hatred, and allowed your girls to flourish instead of crushing us with your own pain, as some sadly do. Myself & Hilary’s are forever grateful for your steadfast spirit, light, & the gift of a loving mother 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

xo holly

holly williams journal

The gift of a loving mother

November 23, 2020