...it all comes down to the fact that all we are really doing, every second of every day, is creating memories for ourselves and everyone around us. Writing a new page at each sunrise for our next chapter.  I'm trying to grasp all these moments-the beautiful and the wretched-like old spring break polaroids in my head. And lord I've missed writing! There've been albums written, retail stores opened, concerts performed, houses renovated, plans upended, hearts shattered, three babies born in 2.5 years (Yes, I'm exhausted), the tragic loss of my little sister, the beautiful blossoming of itty bitty minds, and a large amount of life tucked inside this living of mine. I want to write it all down and remember. 

So here goes! Some long sentiments, some short. Some light, some dark. Some weightless as a feather and some heavy as a wrecking ball. But I'd like to preserve it all in this form. And look back on it. And show these babies. And tell a few stories. Maybe my mama will be the only reader, or maybe you can find something here
that stirs a little something up in your head and your heart, either way I hope you find some solace and joy in these words...


xo Holly