Dr. Seuss once said “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”. What stunning and poignant words. I'm trying really hard to catch each one and hold on to it long enough for an imprint to stay behind. And to grasp all of the beautiful and the wretched like old spring break polaroids in my head.There's been lots of life tucked inside this living of
mine, and all I've been begging of myself is to take the time to write it down and remember. For too long. So here goes! 

Some long sentiments, some short. Some light, some dark. Some weightless as a feather and some heavy as a wrecking ball. But I'd like to preserve it all in this form. And look back on it. And show these babies. And tell a few stories. Maybe my mama will be the only reader, but my hope is you can find something here that stirs a little something in your head and your heart, with a splash of solace and joy on the side. 

Thank you for being here!


xo Holly