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Singer And Songwriter Holly Williams Shares Her Love For Old Homes

By Sid Evans  Published on Dec. 6, 2022

Holly Williams is a singer-songwriter, home renovator, and retail entrepreneur. As the granddaughter of Hank Williams and the daughter of Hank Williams Jr. you might say Holly has music in her blood, and she’s certainly carried on the family tradition, releasing three albums, playing at the Grand Ole Opry, and headlining shows around the globe. On this episode, we’ll chat about some of her favorite memories of growing up as a Williams, her obsession with buying and renovating old houses, and how it feels to land in her grandfather’s hometown of Montgomery, Alabama. Plus, she talks about the time Fiona Prine called her and asked her to open for John Prine at the Ryman, how she found the perfect farmhouse on Craigslist, and her hopes for the Hank Williams Museum.

What Holly Williams Talks About On This Episode:

Playing at the Grand Ole Opry
Growing up in a musical family
Her obsession with old houses
Finding the perfect farmhouse on Craigslist
Moving to Montgomery, Alabama
Her mother’s cooking

Southern to me, whether it’s a big family or small family, we love things passed down and things inherited and to feel like we’re kind of continuing the story of our families. If we’ we’re lucky enough to have a great family and continuing traditions, then there’s a story to everything.

– Holly Williams

Usually if we buy an old home, I love to learn everything I can about the family that lived here, who loved here, who died here. What are the stories? Even just walking into a random home where I don’t know the people, I just love to imagine what happened here, what time period it was, and were there children here. Just all the questions. I think that old homes keep my creative lights kind of lit up, from a songwriting standpoint, honestly.

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