Dr. Seuss once said, “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” What stunning and poignant words. I’m trying desperately to catch each one, and hold on to it just long enough for an imprint to stay behind. To grasp all of the beautiful and wretched like my favorite old polaroids which always remain in my head, and never fade with the passing of time. There’s been so much life swirling inside this living of mine, and all I’ve been begging of myself is to write it down and remember. For too long. So here goes!

Some long sentiments, some short. Some light, some dark. Some weightless as a feather and some heavy as a wrecking ball. But I’d like to preserve it all in this form. And look back on it when I need to, when I want to. To show my babies. And tell a few stories. I hope you will find a little something here to stir up your head and heart, with a splash of solace and a dollop of joy on the side...

Thank you for being here!


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These are the days of our lives. The first out of bed, not-a-hairbrush in sight picture of Arlo waking up to the big 6! Which means the Coleman trio have hit 6,7,8 with Georgia Grace nearing 8 months 💫 WHAT! It’s messy, it’s magic, it’s motherhood. How so many of you have this time to be killing it on the ole’ gram here has me bewildered. I’m lucky at this point if I have 6 minutes of silence between getting the last little to bed, & falling asleep while on first paragraph of a desired book. I wish all parents were guaranteed minimum 30 minutes each night of pure energy when the baby chickens are sleeping. Ya know?? I also have always dreamt of sleep being buy 1 get 1 free. Like, Jesus, when we do our body right and go to bed on time, and actually get in a rare full nights rest without miniatures waking us for 178 varying reasons-why can’t that one glorious 8 hour night bring us enough to get us through the NEXT night. So we can do what we want all night long. I think about this all the time, especially in the newborn days. Am I the only one? Anyways, these 4 adore each other. Plenty of losing their minds/voices from arguing, but at the end of the day when the sky starts to dim and their little bones begin to melt into their blankies, that’s when their love begins to illuminate. And it’s the most precious thing in the whole entire universe. We are good over here, I’m at t minus 7 hours of school left. Started the countdown at 105 hours, 15 days, and it kept me on track of ALL the things for summer prep and school year wrap-up. I have been dropping clothes that no longer fit on friends doorsteps, pile driving every broken marker and solo plastic Barbie leg in the trash, wiping down Colgate tubes and organizing orange crayons like an actual psycho. Poor @colemantime is a tad confused, but I keep telling him we’re preparing for battle, right? Summer 2023 is mere days away people, and our big kid naps are over. We have some plans/ideas up our sleeve. PLEASE tell me what yours are?! I would LOVE to know everyone else’s survive and thrive plan! We are the luckiest, remember that. What an honor this mama life is, & always will be, every minute we get living inside it…