Dr. Seuss once said, “You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” What stunning and poignant words. I’m trying desperately to catch each one, and hold on to it just long enough for an imprint to stay behind. To grasp all of the beautiful and wretched like my favorite old polaroids which always remain in my head, and never fade with the passing of time. There’s been so much life swirling inside this living of mine, and all I’ve been begging of myself is to write it down and remember. For too long. So here goes!

Some long sentiments, some short. Some light, some dark. Some weightless as a feather and some heavy as a wrecking ball. But I’d like to preserve it all in this form. And look back on it when I need to, when I want to. To show my babies. And tell a few stories. I hope you will find a little something here to stir up your head and heart, with a splash of solace and a dollop of joy on the side...

Thank you for being here!


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Turkeys by the tree @whitesmercantile 🎄How is it Thanksgiving Eve? What is happening with time. I don’t understand. We are waking up in a Chattanooga hotel hitting the road again for holiday travel! Hope this day shrouds you with calm and kindness, I’m sending an extra prayer up for the nervous system of ALL parents in cars with their children today, may we arrive safely and sanely to our destinations!!! May our precious children forgive us for any grown-up absolute meltdowns we might possibly endure, after we ask for it of course ❤️❤️ Some days we are all losing it together 🤣 Waking up to 4 lively healthy incredible crazy-making adorable littles today, no hospitals to navigate like one of our friends battling @stjude, just the grocery aisle. No empty chairs at our family table tomorrow like our friends in Nashville after the school tragedy. While parents and children are reeling from unspeakable things in the Middle East, my table of children is full today. While my niece and nephew will be missing their mama tomorrow, mine have me next to them. Hold on tight to what you have, this very morning. Squeeze your babies and loved ones who are here and speak words of encouragement and life and love into them today, because these are our GOLDEN days…
BOO from Georgia Grace!!! Her little praying hand clasp though… ❤️🤩👻
This is my mother’s mantle. As a human being with a beating heart-I have no words for the horrific kidnappings, rape, torture and savage murders committed by Hamas against innocent Israeli civilians who woke up to pure evil this past Saturday morning. October 7th was the single highest number of deaths in one day since the Holocaust. As a mother, I have no words for the literal millions of children between Palestine and Israel caught in the midst of their absolutely harrowing new realities. The pictures and videos from these areas are more than any of us should ever have to endure. Our hearts were never created to bolster these types of horrors. Hamas has one goal, to annihilate the Jews. They have shown their heartlessness towards their own people they “govern” since they knew exactly what the response would be. Attempts to rationalize, provide “context” around, or justify this massacre is purely indefensible, and anti-Semitic. Please do not cease in praying for these hostages miraculous safe return, for the families torn apart, for the awful humanitarian crisis exploding, for the depraved hearts to turn from their evil, for the children, oh for the children, and for this violent and dangerous hatred to be extinguished, for healing and peace to prevail. Do not be afraid to speak up for this latest genocide, to share stories, lest someone ever be too afraid to speak up for us in the same situation. Share your broken heart if you feel the need, turn off your comments from dangerous inhumane words, and allow a time of sobering reality and grieving. Lord, if we ever needed you, we need you now…