Take a Tour of Singer Songwriter’s Cottage

Take a Tour of Singer-Songwriter Holly Williams’ 1908 Nashville Cottage

See how the granddaughter of Hank Williams used family heirlooms to fine-tune her home.


All in the Genes

When Holly Williams and her husband, Chris Coleman, a musician and artist, began house hunting in 2011, they faced a challenge: They loved the openness of their downtown Nashville loft but craved the charm of a historic home. “One night, I had a dream that we’d find an airy, historic place with a double fireplace, so the moment we spotted this one connecting the kitchen and dining area, we knew we’d found our home.” Using a mix of carefully chosen pieces, neutral colors, and treasured family keepsakes, Holly transformed her Nashville home into a timeless space. And when you come from country royalty, those heirlooms—and the stories they tell—can be true showstoppers.

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